5 Sneaky Ways to Drop Hints About Your Dream Engagement Ring

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Engagement rings are great when there is a meaning behind it but it is also important that you know the style that is true to yourself, something that really suits you and your personality. You could buy a unique customized engagement diamond ring because engagement rings can be a big investment. You’re going to be having that engagement ring for years to come, and your partner may or may not know the style that you prefer and suits you, so why not nudge them in the right direction? How do you hint at an engagement ring? Here are some sneaky ways to drop hints about your dream engagement ring.

How do you drop an engagement ring hint?

  1. Pin It

Pinterest is a great way to drop a hint. You could save these pins to a board and share it with your significant other once you have a clear idea on the kind of engagement ring style that you would like to see. You could share the public board’s link or invite them as a collaborator in a private board.

You should separate the other engagement ring inspiration boards that you may or may not have because if you mix those types then it could get confusing for your significant other. You have to make the features consistent throughout all your pins if there are specific characteristics that you would like, like if you would want it to be rose gold with a round diamond. This may or may not help with all of their confusion.

  1. Send A DM

A simple direct message in instagram could make the process a bit more straightforward. If you are too shy to tag your significant other in an instagram post, then you could send those ideas through direct messaging them so that they could use that as reference later on.

Instagram has a saving feature, which you could take advantage of, especially if you are still narrowing down engagement ring design styles. You could save your favorites and possible ring design choices to an “Engagement Ring Inspiration” collected and only send your significant other your pinals picks to avoid any confusion.

  1. Commentary Strategy

You could also try the rime tested, engagement ring drop strategy, where you could all of a sudden comment on celebrity engagement rings, or the engagement rings of the people you know who just got engaged. Saying something like “that princess cut engagement ring that Steven picked out for Enola is perfect for her, but I think a simple round cut ring would have to be more beautiful”, or maybe just comment on the jewelry in general.

  1. The Advertising Nudge

You would often get targeted advertisements for the exact things you are looking at when you are shopping online, and these advertisements  are something that you could use to your advantage when you are planning on giving subliminal hints about specific engagement rings that you are interested in. 

You could visit the online page where you could find the ideal ring of your dreams and wait for the advertisement of the exact ring to pop up somewhere else and start following you on every other website that you go to, then show your partner the page with the ad under the disguise of showing them the regular page content.

You could also take this one step forward by trying to get these ads pop up and follow your partner around the internet. You could borrow your significant other’s computer for a moment, pull out the URL of the ring that you want, then hopefully the ads of your perfect engagement ring would follow them around for a while.

  1. Picture Perfect Hint Drop

There are a ton of ways that you could drop a hint through pictures. Now there is pinterest where you could “accidentally ” leave your board open (through your desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, and the like) where your soon-to-be fiance would be able to see it.

But before the age of computers and social media, they may or may not drop a hint by leaving magazine clippings of an engagement ring in a place where thor partners would find. You could do this too. You could print out your ideal engagement rings and subtly leave them in places he would constantly see so that the image and certain aspects of the ring could be embedded in their minds.

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