SharePoint is a perfect collaboration tool for real estate business

 Intranet portals are perfect for Real Estate companies. They’ve worked well for years for companies that use them. It’s not a document management system, but it has way more to offer. It’s time to explore how it can save you time and improve your work.

What questions come up when you try to use their SharePoint intranet portal? There are a few things you need to know about it to be successful. This is a document that has security features that ensure it cannot be changed.

Document versioning is an important feature of Office 365. It allows you to easily review older versions of documents so you can go back to them to fix or update content. If you build it, they will come. You don’t need to be an expert or have a ton of skills to get a common structure in place.

Third-party vendors can access your documents. It was also determined that employees lack confidence in their company’s internal file system and in-house document management solutions. They are most likely saving files to a Windows file system. The office is spread out over multiple locations, so they’re using a variety of file-sharing apps and tree structures to manage their files.

This is the new cloud name format. At the end of the day, you’re going to have a huge mess of files lying around the system, and your organization is going to be left with no way to sort them or find what they are looking for. What a real estate firm needs is an e-commerce solution that’s built for them but tailored for their needs. The solution must be able to leverage the workforce of an organization that understands the specific information and document management scenarios of a real estate company.

The essentials are covered here, along with a few bonus skills you don’t have to worry about right now.

 SharePoint a collaboration solution

One of the most effective collaboration solutions that support secure access, sharing, and integration with cloud services, Microsoft SharePoint development can help organizations (irrespective of the size of employees) to achieve higher security, easy access, better efficiency, avoiding duplication and assurance across the enterprise.

SharePoint has made it easy to keep track of your property or real estate data. With this information, you have a single place to keep all of the information and see any changes you make on the go. SharePoint can capture the data or contacts/leads from outside applications such as Yardi, Property-xRM, Zavanti etc. and then to display it on your intranet portal.

  SharePoint eSignature, the best feature to manage mortgage/agreements: 

Adobe Sign is the most widely used e-sign solution for any size organization. Whether the company is small or large, all employees can use this tool to prepare, track, send and manage documents, contracts and forms.

No more hassle of downloading documents, printing them, having them signed, scanning them and uploading them back to your folder. Property management companies with this feature will have an advantage in the market, as more and more buyers will be able to use the service and manage their properties on their mobile devices.

It also complies with electronic signature laws.

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The real estate business needs the best data management platform, and that is SharePoint online data management. Having said this it also needs to be collaborated efficiently and effectively providing ease of work during small projects.

Al Rafay Consulting, which is a team of professional SharePoint developers, offers you the best services to configure the SharePoint setting exactly as you need to collaborate your SharePoint database to increase the ease and productivity of your data management.